How To Be A Sexy Plus Size Woman

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How To Be A Sexy Plus Size Woman


Some people don’t expect plus size women to feel or even be perceived as sexy. 

We are in an era where plus size women are noticing that they don’t need permission to enjoy their bodies, or to feel good about themselves. We are seeing more of the message on how plus size women can be anything they want to be…even sexy!

If this is your first time hearing that plus size women can be sexy, then I am happy to be the one to break it down to you. Keep reading if you’ve never found yourself to be sexy, but you want to learn how…


Dress In What Makes You Feel Good

One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t feel sexy in clothes you are not confident nor comfortable in. This is the perfect time to pay close attention to what types of clothes you like and why. 

I love wearing skater outfits ,this its because it flatters my shape and not that i really love the shape of your legs, so why not flaunt it that way, I also love midi dresses really show my curves and those legs off. If that is the case, start really embracing your legs in your outfits.

When you want to feel sexy, always focus on the good things you love about yourself, not the so called flaws you harp over from time to time. If you love your legs, play off that. If you’re proud of your butt, accentuate that. In your outfits, play on the body parts you find to be sexy about yourself so you can always feel good in what you’re wearing.



Work on Your Confidence

Before you can see yourself as sexy, you have to first work on your confidence. See yourself for who you really are and enjoy the body that you have today. I know we all have things we want to work on regarding the way we look, but if you don’t love yourself now how will you guarantee that you will love yourself after you have made what ever change you wanted to make? 


Keep Good Posture & A Great Smile

There is nothing more sexy than great posture and a beautiful smile. These two aspects can really help you be seen when walking in a crowded room. Great posture not only helps you look more polished, but it exudes confidence. It can even be given off in the way you stand

The simplest “sexy” stands are resting on your back leg with your front leg bent, and your palms clasped together with your arms straight down in front. The other great stand is standing with your legs crossed at the ankles, and your hands clasped while resting under your breasts.

A sweet smile is just like the icing on the cake. Of course this is not something you have to do in order to feel sexy, but I have found that it helps. And let’s face it, when you want to seem approachable, smiling helps in letting others know you are open for conversation.